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Dear Soul Seeker,

Have you ever thought to yourself there has to be more to life than just getting up, going to work, eat, sleep and play just to do it all over again the next day? Feels exhausting, doesn’t it?

Are you tired of attracting the same patterns over and over again into your life such as dead-end jobs, unfulfilling relationships? 

How about going through life a bit aimlessly? Not knowing if the direction you are going is the right one. Or you might even feel there is a calling or pulling, but you don’t even know where to start?

You look at others and you can't figure out why they are lucky and not you! Why are things coming easy to them but not you?

What if we were to tell you that you CAN BE HAPPY, that you CAN be on the RIGHT PATH, that you CAN LIVE THE LIFE you were meant to live, because you were not meant to be on Earth to struggle!

If any of the below resonates with you, then you might not be living up to your life purpose:

  • You tend to attract bad relationships over and over again (patterns)
  • You keep asking “why is this happening to me?”
  • What am I doing wrong? 
  • You have unfilled dreams no matter how much energy you put into it
  • You go through bouts of depression/anxiety
  • You are going through life aimlessly, with no real goal setting
  • You have been living up to expectations (what your parents/friends telling you to do); got a new house, car, job etc but you still don't feel happy
  • You don't truly know who you are
  • Keep seeing number sequences 11:11, 111, 222, but you have no idea what it means
  • Health issues, gaining weight or trouble losing weight (*)
  • You feel helpless and hopeless

If you said YES to any of the above, then you OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO TAKE BACK CONTROL!

We are all here on Earth for a reason. Everything in Life Happens for a Reason. There really are no coincidences. What if there were methods where you could tap into your divine energy field and receive clear answers from within. Wouldn't it be nice to have an inner guidance system, like a GPS that could tell you where you should be heading, what you could do to contribute to the greater good? That your life (and every life for that matter) is so important within the sea of consciousness, and we all play an integral part and have purpose?

Many people go through life searching for a purpose, or searching for something they just can't seem to find. They have all been looking OUTWARDS! Looking at relationships to find purpose, looking at getting to the top at their job or career, looking at being rich, whatever it is, it's all something from outside of yourself. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you feel there is more to life than that, then you owe it to yourself to look within.

Because honestly, you have ALL THE ANSWERS within you. And deep down inside, you know it, too! You just don't remember how to access it.

Learn how to turn your attention INWARDS, and one of the best way to do it is through meditation.

"Yes, I'm kind of aware of that, and I've tried meditating. It doesn't work for me, I just can't keep my mind quiet."

We agree with you, mind chatter can deter many who finally decided they would like to meditate. We are offering guided meditations, and our classes are live. We can help you reach into a much deeper state for you to meditate.

We are here to assist you to practice over a 12-week span, so you can learn to live in harmony with your mind chatter. As a bonus, discover what kind of learning type you are. Most meditations are for visual learners, but we will teach meditations also for auditive (hearing) and kinesthetic (feeling) types. Should you still have issues, we can then work one-on-one with you within the group setting. We will not leave anyone behind.

"Ok, sure, but I already am able to connect , because I pray everyday."

That's awesome! So you are already ahead and know how to quiet your mind. Praying is a different approach than meditation. But in essence, at its very core, meditations and prayers are the same.

Both are ways for people to sit still and reflect. But did you know that when you pray you are usually asking God/Universe for something? The request is put outwards.  When you meditate you are connecting from within first. To put it another way, with praying you are asking, while with meditation, you are receiving. The one doesn't negate the other. The contrary, you can use both communication methods! We were guided to teach others how to connect to your Higher Self, with your Angels and God/Universe. Learn how to trust the information you are receiving.

“This all sounds good, but I don’t really have time to do meditation”. 

We understand that we all have super busy lives. Did you know that many internet users spend 2 hours and 22 min a day on social media, or are watching TV for 3 hours 35 minutes a day? If you cannot carve out any time, then this may not be for you.

We are not going to lie. We cannot live your life, nor can we do all the heavy lifting for you. But if you are committed, we are here to assist you along your spiritual journey. Therefore, this class is only for the ones who truly want to learn to connect and will block space to work on themselves. All our classes are recorded, so you could watch them later at your convenience.

If you are ready to make that commitment to yourself and take back control of your life, then open enrollment starts now....SAVE YOUR SPOT!

With love and light,




Spiritual Development


Learn to Connect with Your Higher Self, Angels, Guides and much more....

You were never here to struggle. The answer you seek is within you! What better way to find peace, to align with your soul's true intention and remember why you are here on Earth. Through meditation, you can REDISCOVER your innate gifts and abilities to contribute to making YOU and this world a better place.  Ready to start?

Connect to your Higher Self and Receive Insights, 

Follow your Divine Blueprint for a More Purposeful Life!


With our Soul Session 101 - Spiritual Development Course you will come away with the below:


  • Learn a Meditation Method that resonates with you 
  • Find Out How to Quiet Your Mind Chatter
  • Release Negativity and Blockages
  • Learn to Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities
  • Learn How to Listen to your Inner Guidance
  • Get to a Peaceful Place within Minutes
  • Find Clarity about Your Life
  • Find Inner Peace and Mindfulness
  • 24/7 Access to our Media Library (*)

* all course materials including streaming videos, transcripts are available through our member portal


  • Learn How to Ground and Center Yourself  
  • Open and Activate Your Chakra System
  • Protect and Cleanse Your Energy Systems 
  • Meet your Guardian Angels or Higher Self 
  • Difference Between Your Ego and Soul
  • Your Soul is Speaking and Guiding you
  • Preparing you for Energy Healing
  • Learn How to Increase Your Vibration
  • Live The Life You Are Meant to be Living!
  • Certification of Course Completion


See What Some of Our Soul Seekers are Saying...

Christine D. 

Vice President, Contracting

"I had a wonderful time learning from Ana and Dr. Katana. They are both very positive and provided informative content in their training. It’s very obvious how much enjoyment they get out of sharing this information and helping people grow. I was unaware of what I was truly capable of until their insightful and intuitive guidance. It all resonated with me."

Adam L. 

Entrepreneur, Inventor

" I had no idea what I was searching for.  All I knew was that I had this indescribable 'pulling' to dig deeper within myself. Dr. Katana and Ana helped me to connect and talk to my angels and guides. I can't begin to explain how amazing it is to have life direction, answers, and a sense of knowing myself and my reality now.  It's incredible.  So grateful for them!" 

Danielle D. 

Co-Owner, Travel Agency

"These two amazing women have changed my life. I have learned so much from all of my classes and sessions with Soulmanity.  I am more in tune with my body and thoughts than I have ever been. I will continue my spiritual journey with Soulmanity and am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn their ways and practice this in my own life."

Soul Session 101 - Course Overview

Our 12 Week Classes will help you on your Spiritual Journey

Every Week You Will Learn a New Lesson PLUS Meditation Sessions & Exercises

Week 1

Fundamentals of the course.    Learn how to ground yourself to Mother Earth.

Week 2

Grounding methods for a deeper connection to Higher Source

Week 3

Connect as a Pillar of Light and center yourself 

Week 4

Find your sensory modality and use it for better alignment

Week 5

Learn methods to release negativity and internal blockages 

Week 6

Harmonize Your Mind Chatter 

Week 7

Open and Activate Your Energy System (Chakras) and Protection

Week 8

Learn to Balance and Cleanse Your Chakra System

Week 9

Learn to Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities, Receiving Messages

Week 10

Preparing to Meet Your Guardian Angels, Guides or Higher Self

Week 11

Learn to Increase Your Vibration and Meditate on a Higher Level

Week 12

You should now be able to find answers and clarity in your life.   Life Purpose Assessment

So How Does This Work...

  • Each week Dr. Katana and Master Teacher Ana will hold a live webinar for 90 minutes.
  • Classes are interactive. Not only will you learn deeper spiritual perspectives, you will also learn various grounding techniques, and are introduced to a "spiritual tool kit".
  • Each one of us resonates with different techniques. Therefore, you take what resonates with you.
  • In each segment you will be introduced to a different guided meditation as well as have time for a Q&A session
  • Every class will build off each other
  • You will receive weekly homework 
  • Every week you will progress and reach your goal of connecting to the Higher Realms
  • We personally monitor your growth and will guide you throughout the 12 weeks as well as beyond!

  • Class groups are small to ensure a valuable and personal experience for everyone so spacing is limited.
  • Each session will be recorded and placed into our Media Library, which you will have access to.
  • All course materials including streaming videos, transcripts are available through our member portal
  • Outside of your class, you will have access to your weekly 1 hour Q&A session within our FB Group
  • You will receive a Certification of Completion of Class


Want to Know What Other Truth Seekers Found Out?



"Soulmanity opened my eyes to see so many of the patterns and experiences that I was repeating in life from a different perspective and the guidance I've been receiving  truly has helped me find a new path to healing and thriving! I'm forever grateful!"

Alicia L. (Paddleboard Instructor)



“Soulmanity has made a huge impact on who I've become. Their guidance has literally  shown me how to step beyond my fears and feel a sense of light in the darkest moments of my life. They have shown me to trust my instincts as a Transformational Figure to help other individuals. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to join their class. 

Lionheart LaQuinn (Transformational Coach)



“My experiences with Soulmanity have been spiritually enriching. I’ve learned a vast amount of information from them that has greatly improved my life. Soulmanity, helped me to better understand how to utilize my gifts and talents to serve humanity. This has helped me tremendously with everyday life. I would recommend Soulmanity to anyone who is seeking to learn more about their own inner strength and connection to source energy. We have the abilities to manifest our dreams and desires. Soulmanity, helped me to tap into this flow, and better understand our connection with the angelic realms."

Cole  (Singer/Songwriter)

About Your Master Instructors



Join Intuitive Spiritual Counselor & Energetic Healer Dr. Katana and Master Teacher, Ana Reina, as they take you on a journey to connect your soul with the highest realms. 

As soon as they met, they knew they were soul sisters contracted to help people find their true-life calling. Through divine guidance, they have created techniques and insightful perspectives to help soulful beings remember their life purpose. 

In this course, you will strengthen your connection with the spiritual realm, which will elevate your awareness and awaken your power within!

Meet Your Instructors

Spiritual Counselor Katana Kelly

Hi, I'm Katana, and I've been an empath my whole life and I have been able to communicate with my angelic teammates since childhood. It's my life purpose to give and teach you the info I was given by my angelic friends. I'm here to help many to overcome struggle and find their way to a much better life! I have an MBA in Business, but I turned my back on helping companies as my calling is helping people, one-on-one! So far it has been a pleasure working as a Spiritual Counselor (PhD in Holistic Counseling) and as an Energy Healer. Please allow me to assist you in your spiritual journey. 

Master Teacher Ana Reina

Hello, I'm Ana, and I'm a Spiritual Advisor and Educator for over 15 years. I'm Katana's Soul Sister, and when we met, we instantly knew that we had this mission to help and uplift others! There are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason! As a Numerologist, Highly Sensitive Intuitive, Truth Seeker, I'm passionate and committed to helping others find their life purpose and live their best life! I have an MBA in Marketing, and have been working as a University Professor for the past 10 years. I love teaching, and I'm sure you will love our courses! They are insightful as well has interactive. 

Additional Soul Goodies

For a limited time only, we will include the below:

Lifetime Access to a private VIP Facebook Group

It is a community of like-minded souls and fellow course attendees that share heartening stories, have open and loving discussions and receive positive insight and viewpoints. All members of this course will have a lifetime membership. All non-course members will have to pay to join.


Office Hours = Weekly Q&A with Dr Katana

Once a week we invite you to join our Private Facebook Group Session. Here you can ask questions or give feedback about your spiritual journey, or share any insights. We love to hear your success stories! 


Soul Whisperers VIP Group 

Receive Soulmanity updates, Special Deep Discounts on Retreats, and be the FIRST ACCESS to our weekly meditations, discounts on other future classes, services and products. 

Classes start July 15


Enrollment Ends at Midnight,  July 14 , 2019


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3 month payment plan

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400 /a month

  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Personal Monitoring & Spiritual Assessment
  • "Office Hours" with Dr Katana
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Certification of Completion
one time payment

$1200 220$ OFF when paid in full


326 / a month 

  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • $220 SAVINGS
  • "Office Hours" with Dr Katana
  • Personal Monitoring & Spiritual Assessment
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Certification of Completion
  • BONUS - 2 FREE Exclusive Meditations 

regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

More Soulful Insights...


"Thank you to Soulmanity for starting me on this amazing journey of mindfulness and meditation.  Soulmanity helped me to cleanse the negative energy from my soul and to open my heart to healing,  peace,  and loving myself and others more fully.  While I'm still new to this journey,  I already see so many positive changes.  I am more forgiving of myself and others.  My heart is more accepting of love and I give love more freely.  I'm learning to be at peace and to take time to stop and clear my mind.  Thank you Soulmanity for this extraordinary introduction to a loving and freeing journey to find myself."

Tracy E Teacher


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When and what time are the classes?

How do I attend the live webinar class?

How long do I have access to the course?

What if I don't see the reply to the question I have?

How do I access the recordings of the class?

What if I have a question after the class session?

What if I cannot complete the course?

What is your refund process?

Learn the Secret of Being
in tuned with the Divine! Find Balance, Peace and Mindfulness.
Set Yourself Up for an Amazing Spiritual Journey,
because you owe it to yourself!

Get Soul Sessions 101 - Spiritual Meditation Course Today!

Open enrollment ends July 14, 2019

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